We can handle day-to-day tasks such as data entry, customer service,

order processing, graphic design and project management

so you can focus on the big picture.



We provide online research services for all kinds of corporate, commercial, and social media requirements with applications for internal communications, administrative data, marketing, advertising, or product development. MyOwnVA takes this time-consuming process off your hands with the guarantee that you will get the best quality data and information for your needs.

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MyOwnVA is a customer-oriented company and we can provide your customers the best quality engagement with your brand or business. We can provide customer support and management that will give your customers the level of experience that generates confidence in your commitment to service and excellence.  

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The world is a connected place and businesses need to maintain a well-curated and professionally managed social media presence in order to make a connection with the right market for their products and services. MyOwnVA can help turn your social media channels into actual customer engagement tools that work for you.

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MyOwnVA is customer-centric and has long experience in initiatives and campaigns that gets specific groups of people engaged with brands and business. We provide an effective means of communication about what your business has to offer by giving you the ability to focus on what each of your customers genuinely need.

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We can provide your business with a full range of administrative, creative, and professional development services that will help you manage and implement strategy as well as improve product and service performance from both the corporate-end and the customer-side of your business.

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MyOwnVA is a full-service company that provides your business with support for both your internal and external needs for management and support. We can help manage your office tasks as well as the specific needs and requirements of your customers and partners efficiently, when and where you need it.

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We give all projects our best effort! Don’t believe me? Ask our clients!


We build a work process to your high standards. We consult with you to establish goals and then document to make sure we are on target every time. Once the work is completed we double check it to make sure it follows your instructions and check in to see how we can improve the process.

Our work is all about listening, we value what our clients have to say because it is the starting point for everything that we do. The reason we’ve been so successful in delivering the kind of service that make our clients happy is because of our ability to perceive the subtle things and comprehend the most complex requirements through thoughtful consultation.

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Over time, professionals develop habits that help make them efficient and effective, and this is one aspect of our work process that we’ve eagerly been practicing. We believe in keeping track of both our progress and the materials that we work with, this gives customers the added benefit of being able to know where exactly we are with the work they’ve entrusted to us.

We believe in maintaining a balanced work ethic, it’s something that allows us to meet the expectations of our clients but also ensure that the people we work with are able to keep themselves sharp and focused. We put a premium on your time and schedule, and so we develop habits that are geared for success and able to keep pace with clients’ expectations.

We measure our value for clients by the quality of the work that we do. At the end of the day, we are only as good as what we’ve accomplished for our customers, and that is something that we take very seriously every step of the way when we are entrusted to handle client requirements.



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MyOwnVA is a company with long experience and exceptional capabilities developed over time to handle clients’ requirements for virtual assistance. Our work has allowed us to grow with start-up companies and serve organizations behind multinational brands, and our work has become an essential driver for businesses that offer services and products found in markets across the world. It is this kind of experience that give our clients the confidence to work with us in finding ways to make their projects more efficient and highly effective.



       The web is big place and it takes skill and experience to navigate the information that is relevant to a specific need. MyOwnVA has years of experience and a staff that is specifically skilled in professional online research, providing clients with thorough access to online information from trends and markets, strategic data, and everything else that can help them make informed decisions.



       We understand that customers make our clients’ business profitable. We apply our deep appreciation for the important role that customer engagement plays in every business that we handle. We apply years of experience being on the front line of corporate and commercial sales, marketing, and communications in making sure that customers are guaranteed of a true-to-brand experience when we are tasked to manage their requirements and inquiries.



       It is an absolute need for businesses to communicate like real people, it is the only real way to capture the public’s trust and confidence when it comes to advertising and marketing. There is a certain way that businesses must engage their customers on social media to get across a genuine message, and that is something that MyOwnVA is recognized for, we are a company that is focused on people and we understand how social media interaction translates to real world engagement.



       Graphic design, photo editing, illustration and content writing services. MoVA has experience in developing graphics for print, web and promotions. We can take on any design project from concept to completion or anywhere in between. For over a decade we have helped design studios, marketing firms, publishers and promotional products manufacturers with their design and graphics overflow work. Our team of graphics specialists can help with content for your blogs, social media and product pages. We also offer writing, editing and translations and can assist you with regular content sourcing.


From short lists to lengthy online research, no matter what form

your task takes, My Own VA staff will help move those ideas

from inspiration to completion.

Order Processing

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Email Handling

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Data Entry

Rick Fernandez | June 16 / 2015

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