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CASE STUDY: Order Processing for Promotional Products

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Case Studies


We started working with MyPaperCups in 2011 when they were just a startup. Now the company is one of the largest custom paper cup distributors in Australia with thousand of customers. These include small customers from independent coffee shops to some of the largest, best known brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Porsche, Instagram, Samsung, Reebok and many more. MyPaperCups has come to rely on MyOwnVA to provide customer support for all its day-to-day transactions. We’ve become an integral part of the company’s business, offering support for lead generation, estimating, order processing, graphic design, marketing, social media management and order tracking.

This case study will examine how MyOwnVA has helped MyPaperCups solve problems, locate new accounts, provide superior service and ensure the best customer experience.

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