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A Fruitful Work Experience: Students From Different Schools in Panabo City Participate Internship With MOVA Through SPES

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A Fruitful Work Experience:

Students from Different Schools in Panabo City Participate Internship with MoVA Through SPES Program


My Own VA (MoVA) was invited to take part in Panabo City’s Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) last April 20, 2018. The interns came from Maryknoll College of Panabo, Northlink Technical College and several public schools in the city. Their schools required them to undergo on the job training so SPES, through PESO Panabo, conducted a screening and interviewed each of them to make sure their skills and interests can suffice the demands of MoVA’s clients. Most of the participants were IT students and have sufficient background in computer work. Though MoVA was more about admin support, management and graphic design, the interns still learned a lot during the two month program.

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A Powerhouse for BPO Companies: Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

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The Philippines is a well acknowledged country when it comes to workforce especially in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. In fact, ESEAN Briefing (2017) indicated that the Philippines beat Mumbai as the “2nd ranking BPO destination”. In addition, Global Innovation Inc. (2017) phrased in one of their articles that “the country (Philippines) remains to be an attractive place for investors to outsource some of their services.” A number of studies have also supported these acknowledgements which leads us to the question “What makes the Philippines a competent country in the BPO industry?”

While one can think of several reasons why the Philippines has become the BPO hub in Asia, studies have pointed out the most common ones. Below are four of the most common reasons.

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