Why People Want to Venture into the Virtual Assistant Business

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Imagine this, waking up at 5 AM for a work at 7 AM but you have to consider showering, dressing up, making breakfast for your family, make sure your kids are ready to go to school and your husband is prepped for work, then you have to consider the traffic in the metro and a quick order of a venti-sized cafe latte for an instant pick-me-up then work 8 hours for the rest day and go home and take care of your family again but you are exhausted already and all you want to do is crash onto your bed but then the reality sinks in that this is your routine, 5 days a week for a month–always working, you have no rest and you feel the overwhelming burnout.

You do not have to wait for change to happen, instead, take the chance to make the change. As Timothy Ferriss wrote in his book The 4-hour Workweek, he wrote, “For all of the most important things, the timing always sucks. Waiting for a good time to quit your job? The stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time. The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. “Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it’s important to you and you want to do it “eventually,” just do it and correct course along the way.”

That is why we are giving you a few of the reasons why people want to venture into the virtual assistant business and why companies and other individuals prefer to hire virtual assistants instead than an in-house employee:

Environment changehire virtual assistants

Some people like the comfort in working with a controlled environment where everything is predictable–an environment which is very typical in a corporate scene. However some people cannot cope up with this, they would rather work where they are not controlled and therefore can move freely, and where to do this other than the comfort of your own home and a creative space with other people who are tired from the constrictions of a typical corporate office job?

hire virtual assistantsLess stress

We have been there, being given too many workloads, a lot more than what you can typically handle and a person knows his or her limitations. Although being pushed to your limits is good for your character and work experience, sometimes it becomes destructive for people that they experience burnout instead and this will affect your work ethic as well as overall well-being. By venturing into the virtual assistant business, you are able to handle only the workload that you can carry, it is up to your choice!

Gain control over one’s time

hire virtual assistants

One of the reasons why you ran away from your corporate job is because you do not want to be choked like the CEO’s are breathing on your neck, always going onto your desk, demanding for the task to be done immediately even if it was just given an hour ago. By being venturing into the virtual assistant business,  you will gain more free time in your hands to do tasks at your own pace while at the same time, giving service satisfaction to your client. This also means more time for your family, friends and other hobbies!


Venturing into the virtual assistant business has a lot of benefits for both parties, wherein both will be able to work comfortably at the pace that you both like, negotiate well on tasks to delegate and discuss matters in real time.

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hire virtual assistants

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Hire Your VA Only From the Best Virtual Assistant Companies

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So you are a company executive managing your company mostly alone or with a co-founder. You start off being able to do your tasks well, calling clients, taking care of customer service and keeping track of bookkeeping by doing just fine. Somehow, along with the way, you find yourself stressed by all the work and find yourself missing out some tasks that were supposed to be done yesterday but you could not do because you were busy for having your hands full.

This is a common mistake for those who think they can handle tasks greater by doing it independently because no one else will be able to handle it better or as good as you do. This is a common mistake done by smart people. The solution for this is to hire a virtual assistant from the best virtual assistant companies to ensure that the VA that you will hire has an ample amount of experience in the industry and has an initiative.

There are a lot of reasons why brands, companies, businesses whether big or small are hiring virtual assistants to finish half of the job at half of the time—therefore saving time and money while staying productive!  But what does a virtual assistant, specifically an administrative virtual assistant, really do? And how can a certain individual such as a company executive of a business or brand benefit from it?

Here is a list of tasks an administrative virtual assistant will do for you to make your job easier:

  • Oversee the payrolladministrative virtual assistant

Handling the payroll may seem as the most basic task of handling a company but it does not only Comprise of you handing out the month’s pay to your employees. It involves having them sign a form, scheduling the payroll, filing tax forms, withholding income tax and etc. To summarize it, it takes a lot of time, and all those time you spent organizing a payroll, you could have spent it by sealing another deal with a new client or figuring out more ways to rake in income for your company, this is why you must assign a personnel to handle this job.

  • Pradministrative virtual assistant ovide basic customer support

Customer support is a job that can easily be passed onto someone who can learn fast and handle it well enough without you having to go over and checking updates multiple times in a single day. It should be someone who has the initiative to handle problems faced by customers and create immediate solutions for them. In this manner, you are able to guarantee customer satisfaction in your service or products.

  • Serve as a project manager and handle your teamadministrative virtual assistant

When you want a project to be done but cannot guarantee your full presence while it is being executed, you can assign an administrative virtual assistant to handle the project and oversee your team to make sure they stick to it and execute it well.


  • Serve as administrative virtual assistant an HR

Whether you are looking for a new employee to hire to fill in a job or layoff someone,  an administrative virtual assistant will make the absorption or the letting a lot more easier. He/she will handle the process of training or taking care of the papers needed to finalize an employee’s resignation.


  • Book your appointments with your clientsadministrative virtual assistant

A company executive surely is a busy person, administrative virtual assistant can do the job of booking appointments or meetings for you and your client so your only task as the boss is to show up and carry on with the agenda of the meeting. He/she can contact the client himself/herself to arrange the date and the location or details of the appointment or meetings.


Just because a certain administrative work is simple or cloaked with the illusion that it only takes a little bit of your time, does not mean you have to do it all on your own. A hired administrative virtual assistant from the best virtual assistant companies can fill in this task for you to leave you with more free time on your hands so you can handle other priorities and spend more time with your family or socialize with friends.

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Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant

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The demand for virtual assistants has never been at its highest demand until now. Companies, brands and even small business have realized the importance on hiring a virtual assistant to increase productivity and ensure the cash flow. However, some are still adamant in hiring their own virtual assistant, especially those who never had such experience in having one under their wing, while some company executives and independent businesses, especially small ones, still have the mentality that they can do everything on their own, that they would still do fine.

While doing everything on your own would prove how independent you are as an executive or administrator, along the way, your productivity would suffer especially when you start realizing that you have been doing more organizing than executing and that you have not crossed out a lot of tasks in your to-do lists and have been putting some works on-hold. By this time, you should be considering the opportunity to hire a virtual assistant.

We will giving you a list on why you should hire a virtual assistant to guarantee your company, brand or business’s success, two heads are better than one, as they say.

According to Renée Warren, the CEO and co-founder of Onboardly, wrote on Entrepreneur “VA’s not only save you time and money, but they are also an affordable and experienced investment in the growth of your company.

True enough, there are plenty of factors why you should hire a virtual assistant:

1. ProductivityHire A Virtual Assistant

One rule in business that every wise man should learn is that you should start delegating tasks. By doing so, you will be dividing the workload in half and achieving more tasks at half the time than expected if you were to work alone. In this way, if you are done crossing-out numbers in the to-do lists, you can start on a new one or call it a day and then finally have that glass of wine and relax at home.

2. You can’t afford a full-time and in-house employee

This is applicable especially to the small business which are just starting out. Your budget is limited to the things on your priority list and you do not have much of a big office space yet. If you hire a virtual assistant, you can assign them for a freelance and part-time work first rather than a contractual work right ahead.

3. Avoiding burnout

best virtual assistant company

I am sure everyone is familiar with this: everything starts out great because you are so excited for your company, brand or business therefore the enthusiasm and optimism is at its peak because you hope for the best, you think you can handle everything, then the stress of the workload starts sinking in and then goes the feeling that this was not what you had in mind in making it on your own. This factor is related to productivity, because when you start out your own company, brand or business, we all feel confident in ourselves and quite scared at the same time but that confidence should not make us too complacent. Delegate the tasks to avoid burnout and to always feel satisfied after finishing all your administrative tasks and letting your virtual assistant do the customer service or office tasks.

4. Saving timebest virtual assistant company

By delegating your tasks, other than cutting your workload in half, you save half of the time as well. By doing so, you will have more time to socialize with colleagues after work, catch up with friends, bond with your family, venture into another business or finally do that hobby you have been itching to try.



True enough, hiring your own virtual assistant has a lot more benefits than the ones listed above and if it is your first time to hire one, it is best to put your trust in a virtual assistant company such as MyOwnVA! We will be giving you the best virtual assistants we have to help you in your business!

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Home-based Virtual Assistant or VA Team: Which Should You Choose?

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So how do you know which VA to hire? All virtual assistants provide technical and administrative support to big and small business owners from a remote location. Some provide this support from a home office and some are part of a team working for a VA company. Which should you hire?

A home-based virtual assistant has lower overhead costs and may be able to provide services at the lowest price. A virtual assistant team like MyOwnVA.com may cost a little more but offers significant advantages. Before making the decision, ask yourself some questions.

Can you be sure that the work is done in a timely manner?

You won’t see the actual work in progress; the VA manages his or her own time. Only when the results are delivered can you see that your VA was worth the money you spent. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find someone you can trust to accomplish your tasks without having to worry about supervising him or her. Maybe you won’t be so fortunate.

What happens during downtimes or if there’s a power outage? Does the VA have the proper tools to complete the task? Is the VA properly trained?

A home-based VA works alone. They have no one to turn to during downtimes and power outages. They have no one to troubleshoot important tools required to complete a task. And, they have no one to provide proper one-on-one training to complete the task in the manner that you require.

That is where MyOwnVA comes in. We are a VA company that hires assistants who work in our offices. Our virtual assistant staff report to work daily on a set schedule. We monitor our VAs to ensure that tasks are completed properly and on time because we understand that every single task could impact the success of your business. We provide the necessary supervision and equipment — computers, software tools, high-speed fibr internet connection and uninterrupted power supply — to ensure that there’s no unfinished work.

With MyOwnVA, you can rest assured that you are working with a company that has a fully equipped facility. Our in-house virtual assistants work in an ideal working environment so they can perform tasks such as calling your customers without unnecessary background noise. The same cannot be said of a home-based environment where the VA can easily be distracted by family members or loud neighbors.

At our company, we ensure quality of work and scheduled completion of each task through the use of the most updated and advanced software and technology. The following are just some of our advantages:

  • Our VAs are full-time professionals and all of them are university-educated
  • We offer high-speed fiber business internet at a minimum of 100 Mbps
  • We use newer desktops (i5 or i7) with licensed software
  • We provide an office environment free of distractions and noise
  • Our project managers provide quality checks
  • We train backup VAs in case something happens to your primary virtual office assistant.
  • We provide you with access to a team of specialists in graphics, photo editing, web development, video, and animation
  • Our team receives regular training in WordPress, SEO, Adobe Creative Suite, etc
  • We invest in solid tools for virtual employee tracking to ensure time is being spent properly and productively.

If you want to grow your business and enjoy greater business success, hire a professional company whose virtual assistants have experience and training — choose MyOwnVA, a full-service Virtual Assistance Company.

Contact us through this email: jocelyn@myownva.com

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Do I need the document edited or proofread?

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I’m often asked to proofread a document only to find after wading through a mishmash of muddled text, that the document clearly needs a major rewrite. At other times, I’m asked to edit a document when it’s clear that only minor grammatical errors need correcting. Proofread or edit – which is called for?

The trouble is that we’re not always clear what we mean when we request a proofread or edit. Many think they mean the same thing. Actually, proofreading and editing refer to very different tasks – one a straightforward, mechanical process, and the other a more artful process that can require considerable judgment and analysis. Let’s take a look at the differences.

Proofreading simply means to review the mechanics of a document – to eliminate typographical errors and to check for correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Usually, this simple mechanical process is a task best left to the end – after the document has been written, revised, and edited. It’s the final polish applied before the document goes public.

Often writers, even very good writers, pay little attention to this step. After all, as the famous writing teacher, Peter Elbow, once remarked grammar is the least important part of the writing process – a true statement in as far as it goes. Nevertheless, grammatical errors, especially spelling and typographical errors, stick out like a sore thumb. Self-styled grammar mavens will see every typographical error, every misplaced comma or apostrophe or spelling error and judge the quality of your writing based on these simple mechanical errors. For this reason, proofreading is important. And, error-free text is the mark of a professional.

Still, proofreading is relatively simple and straightforward while editing is more complex. Editing is much more substantive and can involve the major rewriting of a document for readability and clarity as well as flow. An editor will judge not only whether the text is correct and consistent, but whether it is clear, logical, and, above all else, readable. Editing involves a great deal of judgment and analysis and not just an application of simple rules.

Of course, this is all a matter of degree. Proofreading sometimes is described as light editing. And there is a task between proofreading and editing that we call copyediting. Copyediting involves proofreading as well as looking for style inconsistencies, e.g., do you write the number 10 in one section and in another spell it out with the word ten? Do you capitalize consistently? Do you use the postal code abbreviation AZ for Arizona in one place, and spell it out in another? The copyeditor eliminates these inconsistencies.

Editing can take place on many different levels. In fact, the Editors’ Association of Canada outlines 12 different editing tasks. Book publishers generally describe five different levels of editing. For our purposes, we really only need to distinguish between the three discussed here: proofreading, copyediting, and editing.

In most cases, the best solution to your editing needs is to find a writer who can do all three. Before the digital age, several people performed these functions. Publications hired proofreaders, copy editors, content editors, and substantive editors to perform different tasks. In the fast pace world in which we now live, time and expense demand that the same person perform all these functions.

Unfortunately, not every writer can do it all. Some have an eagle eye for copy editing, but don’t have a feel for the whole picture. Others are great substantive editors, but aren’t as detail oriented. Make sure to choose the right editor, and make sure the editor knows which function you want performed. Start with a clear view of the task at hand and you will enjoy greater copywriting success.

Richard Cantrall is an award-winning freelance writer and editor with over twenty years experience as a publicist and communications director for businesses and associations. His feature articles have appeared in Today Magazine, Hamilton Magazine, Facets, and several other magazines and newspapers.

History of Proofreading and Editing

A little history, proofreading originally came from looking at proofs, actual typeset copy, prior to its being printed. Prior to the development of In Design and earlier page composition software, typesetting was a manual process. At one time, metal type was actually bound together in forms that were placed into presses. Later, printers developed phototypesetting. This process still involves physical manipulation. Text was typeset in columns or galleys, which was then cut and pasted to fit the page. Making text changes once the page was typeset involved considerable expense, and so editors would avoid substantive changes at this point.

The digital era introduced technology that makes it easy to change the text at any stage of the production prior to printing. Not only is the text much easier to manipulate, but we now have assistive software and grammar checking tools that make finding and correcting errors much easier. New cloud computing developments such as Google docs now allow for real-time editing and proofreading that can be done for clients while they watch the process. It’s a brave new world in editing.

Typographical errors

A major proofreading task involves checking for typographical errors. often called typos. It’s very important to complete this process before final publishing. Usually these errors result from mechanical mistakes made in text entry, words misspelled, or wrong keys hit. Sometimes a simple spell check will find these mistakes and correct them. Sometimes spell check programs will not catch an error. There are many homonyms in English – words that have the same spelling, and pronunciation, but different meanings or different spelling and meaning, but are pronounced the same. It’s easy to use the wrong word even though spelled correctly, for example, people often use “to” when they mean “too” or “there” when they mean “their” or “they’re”. So don’t rely exclusively on spell check programs.

So some simple tips on proofreading for typos.

  1. Perform a spell check. The computer software program will catch some errors but not all. For example, you may enter, “pear” when you mean “pair.” Both are spelled correctly, so spellcheck will not see the word you used as an error. Spellcheck will not recognize a misused word, just misspelled words. So much for artificial intelligence.
  2. Read the document twice. Sometimes we rush to publish and don’t give a document a second look. Always a mistake. You can catch many typos and misused words simply through a second reading.
  3. Read the document out loud. Language is aural, i.e., hearing based, and not visual. That’s why blind persons find it easier to pick up reading than deaf persons. Simply hearing the text read out loud will allow you to pick up many errors. You can read the text aloud or have someone else read it to you.
  4. Read it backwards. This trick is effective, because the brain processes patterns, not logical sequencing. If you read left to right, the brain will see a pattern in the sentence and not recognize small errors such as a typo. Reading backwards, there is no discernable pattern and it thus becomes much easier to pick up typos (Japanese readers read from right to left and thus need to reverse the process). This process is tedious and better suited for shorter pieces. Longer pieces of writing may be more problematic. However, it it’s an important document, and getting it right is imperative, you may want to try this technique.

Want to learn more? Contact us.



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Essential Qualities In Becoming Best Virtual Assistant Remotely

by darrel_seo in Online Marketing

People now want to work from home so they can have more time with their family.. They also want to be more productive in their work, but find that they still must spend much time on ordinary tasks as researching facts booking flights and hotels, and looking for the best deals for the company. Much of this time could be better spent on more worthwhile projects, client’s conferences, and better yet, relaxation. Make your life easier and hire a virtual assistant.

A successful virtual assistant doesn’t just help you with your administrative tasks. He or she can help support your business in many other ways, including help with managing your people  Many virtual assistants are highly skilled and technology savvy. They can help increase your efficiency in running your business. The following are the essential qualities of the best virtual assistant

  1. Reliability. Your clients hire you because they expect that you  will always be available to serve as  their personal assistant. Your clients trust you, and  expect you  [delete this bar] to finish your tasks on time.  Reliability and professionalisms  are very important in this industry. Reliability also means communicating well and keeping your clients updated.
  2. Time management. Many virtual assistants work extremely long hours and so it’s important to plan your tasks well.  Entering all your work tasks into a calendar greatly helps.
  3. Good communication skills will definitely make a client very happy. Virtual assistants must let the client know how their work is progressing so it’s extremely important to establish how and when to update them as well as when each new task is begun.

Virtual assistants are asked to do many things  they have never done before and sometimes to do everything. To become the best virtual assistant, you need to take the initiative and find the information yourself. Providing solutions and solving problems for clients is the whole point of becoming a virtual assistant. Be honest with your  client about the extent of your abilities and you will do well. A client does not expect that you know everything, but the best virtual assistant will tell clients when he/she has never done a task before and reassure the client that he/she will be happy to find out what needs to be done and get back to the client with the right answers. The virtual assistant needs to love learning and keeping on top of trends and changes in both his/her industry and in the world of technology. He/she should have keen investigative skills. If his/her client wants him to use a new application like Slack to communicate with him, then he should quickly learn how it works.

A new client will probably look to his/her virtual assistant to lead him/her through the process and explain how things work. He/she does not only need to know his stuff, but to become the best virtual assistant, he/she has to make sure that the clients know about it too.

It is not easy to become the best virtual assistant. Not everybody has all these qualities but luckily My Own VA team do.  So if you want to have the best virtual assistant then you should hire us.

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Benefits of being an exclusive My Own VA member

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Human Resource

My Own VA is a business process outsourcing services company that provides administrative and clerical services for clients all over the world. My Own VA helps professionals in the fields of administrative assistance, graphic design, accounting, web development and social media with experience in data entry, transcription, online research, lead generation, etc.


As a member of the My Own VA team, you would be a part of a company that helps clients achieve their goals and fulfill their business needs.


“We work professionally but we treat each other as a family” – Rick and Jocelyn Fernandez, short but inspiring statement that I was very happy about. As an opportunity-seeker, it’s nearly impossible to find a company that offers you a good salary with a family, that’s a total package!


I’ve been working for this company for a couple of weeks but I was able to develop my skills, I learned a lot of things and of course I was able to help clients and learned different things from them everyday.


How about you?

What interest you? What makes you happy? What kind of job are you looking for?

It is risky to be an individual contractor but people should put this in mind “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” Sometimes, you have to be a risk taker for you to see the beauty of every success.


Experience the benefits of being one of us

  • Be part of a network of professionals and specialists.
  • Work from home with weekly team meetings.
  • MoVA find projects for you.
  • We negotiate  terms.
  • We handle invoicing.
  • MoVA network provides specialists for you and your client tasks.
  • We provide project managers.
  • We provide training.
  • Lunch and learn.

Yes, we’re still a new company but we grow every day and  we are shooting for bigger dreams and we work as hard as we should be.


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Order Processing

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Services

Every business in the world runs on the idea that the customer is king, and in the process of doing business nothing is more crucial than being able to deliver what customers pay for. Whether it be a service or a product, businesses need to provide a seamless and efficient process of capturing customer data and completing ordering requirements. Efficiency, after all, plays a central role in the profitability of any business operation and the viability of a product itself. In simple terms, customers would not be interested in ordering a product that takes too long to arrive after they’ve paid for it. In any industry or business, delays and complications add to customers’ overall negative impression of a business, a problem that greatly contributes to a drop in revenue over the long term.

When it comes to customer satisfaction, reliability and accuracy of data collection and processing is key – and that is exactly where MY OWN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT SERVICES (MyOwnVA) excels. We offer an Order Processing option that is fully-automated and designed to minimize order processing errors and maximize efficiency and profitability. MyOwnVA Order Processing captures customer input data that includes personal information, shipping address, and other details that are safely stored in a secure database, MyOwnVA’s Order Processing system can then access it automatically and ensure that orders are processed on time and matched with the availability of inventory without any delays. It doesn’t matter if your business is a small store or a large enterprise with multiple Stock Keeping Units (SKUs), MyOwnVA Order Processing can handle the work just as efficiently.
Are your orders seasonal? Apart from the customer satisfaction benefits, the main advantage of implementing MyOwnVA Order Processing for your business is the cash and manpower savings you get from not having to build your own processing system that might or might not even be a perfect match for the kind of product or service that you’re offering. In comparison, MyOwnVA has a full staff whose only concern is to ensure that the service we provide is a perfect fit for your needs. MyOwnVA is a powerful tool for any business to have when it comes to capturing data, tracking orders against inventory, and managing the shipment and product delivery needs of customers. Bottomline, MyOwnVA’s Order Processing serves as a very big advantage for any kind of business, wherever in the world you operate and no matter what kind of product or service you provide.

          CONTACT US to discuss how MyOwnVa can help you with your order processing needs.

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Email Handling

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Services

Email or “electronic mail,” as we know it today, has been a fixture of our online experience for almost as long as the internet has been in existence. It started out as a simple text-only feature but has since evolved into a more sophisticated service that allows users to send not only text messages but also pictures, audio, video, and all kinds of data through computers and mobile devices. And, for most of us, checking our email accounts is as normal and instinctive as breathing or making coffee. Email runs our personal and professional lives by helping us order our priorities, it let’s us keep in touch with family, and email helps us stay on top of all the different work that we do. However, it is because of the routine nature of email in our lives that we often become complacent about safeguarding our privacy and filtering out the unnecessary things that regularly find their way into our inbox.
In the increasingly innovative world of digital correspondence, Email Screening has quietly become an indispensable service, both for personal and professional use. It’s not readily apparent but the time we spend weeding through spam and scanning for  viruses in the email we receive costs us more in terms of productivity and time that’s better spent on more profitable things. Email Spam, very specifically, makes up about 80% of the email content we receive and they are often used as a delivery vehicle for highly-destructive viruses or as a method for Phishing, a malicious attempt to steal personal data like email addresses, passwords, and bank details through the use of click-bait content or other means. Imagine, all of your personal information taken from your email account without your knowledge and traded internationally like a commodity by parties both legal and criminal.
MY OWN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (MyOwnVA) offers a robust Email Screening service that is internet-based and 100% secure. MyOwnVA does not store any of your personal data and will never share any information that you register with our service. Our Email Screening service allows customers to be free of the unnecessary chore of cleaning up their inbox and scanning for malware and other malicious content. The MyOwnVA Email Screening guarantees that your inbox will always be secure and the correspondence you get is exactly what you expect, no hidden ads, clickbaits, viruses, or malware to worry about. MyOwnVA makes your inbox efficient and stress free, because email should simply help us stay in touch without taking up precious personal time.

          CONTACT US to discuss how MyOwnVA can help you with the flood of emails so you can focus on whats important.

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Data Entry

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Services

Every business in the world runs on information, and not just the ordinary kind but information that’s accurate and and up-to-date. Inventory and people are set into motion and customers’ needs are met in a timely manner because the right people are able to make informed decisions. MY OWN VIRTUAL ASSISTANT (MyOwnVA) offers fast, secure, and accurate data entry services that is simply unmatched by similar services. MyOwnVA stays ahead of the curve by employing only the most skilled and highly-experienced data entry specialists, assigned specifically to work on customers’ requirements using proprietary software that’s designed for speed and precision.
MyOwnVA’s Data Entry service specializes in high-volume data entry for a wide variety of document transcription assignments include PDF and catalog conversion, ordering information, manuscript data entry, data extraction, tabulation, research, and analysis, among other tasks. Using a well-suited array of tools, our team of data entry specialists follow rigorous protocols while in the process of handling customers’ data. The same quality of work and commitment to accuracy and confidentiality is applied in every project, whether by individual virtual assistants or by large teams of data entry specialists working together in handling projects of a much bigger scale. Simply, because we value the safety and security of our customers’ transactions, and we maintain the same sense of value for information that eventually serves as an impetus for business growth.
We operate and maintain our own cloud-based servers for data storage that allows MyOwnVA’s data entry specialists to access their work securely and deliver a high volume of output. But more than just the technical requirements that we consistently satisfy, we  also genuinely take pride in our work and we make an effort  to provide customers with a highly rewarding work experience. MyOwnVA’s virtual assistants are available throughout each individual customer’s production schedule to personally address concerns and other related questions. In addition, MyOwnVA has call center staff waiting to answer customers’ inquiries and questions using a high-speed internet connection and back-up power to guarantee their availability.
Through the years that we’ve been serving our customers, MyOwnVA’s Data Entry products have always provided fast turnaround times without sacrificing quality and 100% accuracy. With years of experience under our belt handling all kinds of businesses, project requirements, and different volumes of need, MyOwnVA has grown into a confident provider of professional data entry services that ranks among the finest in the industry.
MyOwnVA has data entry specialists ready to help you. No task too big or too small. CONTACT US to discuss.

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