Transcription Services

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My Own Virtual Assistant offers Transcription at a low-cost.

Edited Transcripts – the transcriber can omit sentences while transcribing without changing the sense of the recording. Transcription converts speech into written electronic text or document. It should not be confused with translation which means representing the meaning of a source language text in a target language. It is often use for business, legal or medical purposes.

Transcription types and formats:

Verbatim Transcripts – a transcriber is tasked to enter every single word or line mumbled words of the speaker. This kind of transcription is usually preferred when transcribing an audio recorded file of a seminar, speeches, conferences etc.

Intelligent Transcripts – these are transcripts that make pure sense and are smart transcription types as they are accurate transcripts.

Transcription software assists in the conversion of human speech into a text transcript.

Contact us and let’s discuss your business needs.


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Survey is providing more data on customers and to create a survey about a specific product, service or brand.

Advantages of survey online;



-More Accurate

-Quick to Analyze

-Easy to use for Participants

-Easy to use for Researchers

-Easy to Style

-More Honest

-More Selective

-More Flexible

Disadvantages of Survey online

-Limited sampling and respondent availability

-Possible cooperation problems

-No interviewer

My own Virtual Assistant is a company that provide service on Survey Online. Survey are method of getting and gathering information from individuals. So contact us and We will handle you with our best and skilled staff.

It is also an examination of opinions and behaviors. It is created as web forms with a database to answers and to provide analytic.

Company use online survey to know more about their customer’s tastes and opinion.
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Personal online Shopping/Gift Finder

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It is an act of purchasing product or services through internet. It becomes increasingly popular due to convenience. It’s easy to find so you can not feel tired.

My own Virtual Assistant is experiencing the comfortable and relax shopping. We experience to easily look product to shop through online shopping. Contact us to learn more. It’s job is to spend time online searching on behalf of client. Gift finder is to find a gift for a friend or family through online with the use of internet. Personal Online Shopping and Gift Finder is use by every business company or as individual so you can feel more convenient,. Personal Online Shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumer to directly buy goods or services through internet using web browser.


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Online Research

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The person who is responsible on collecting data from the internet is called Online Researcher.

There are different strategies on making research online depending on:

-the purpose and nature of the research project

-how much the researcher knows about the subject

-the amount of time and money devoted to the project.

Here are some tips on how to make your research easy and fast:

Get focused – The first thing to do is to collect some basic info on the subject that would work as foundation for your further research.

Online research is easy but if you are too busy to do it, My Own Virtual Assistance can do the job for you. It is also referred as Internet Research or Web Research. Online research is one of the most common Virtual Assistance job.

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Letting an Employee Go

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Termination should always the last step in a bigger process.

There is a Termination process that should be follow;

1. own the decision, reference relevant, leadership/HR

What can I do to change this situation?

Ans. the decision is final

-Who else knows about this?

Ans. So do the right thing and stay calm.

. right now

-What about my uncompleted tasks?

Ans. that’s all been taken care of, the proper people will be notified

You should also prepared for the questions about benefits.

Moving so fast in terminating someone must look harsh and create fear to others.

1. Provide clear work and policies

2.Observe and Document performance

3.Escalate Feedback

4.Create Formal Documentation through HR

5.Consult Legal/HR Representatives

6.Create a termination agreement

7.Consider security concern

8.Prepare yourself mentally

9.Terminate an employee

When you’re doing the termination it should be taken in a conference room, it should not be taken in an open area or public area. When you’re terminating someone you should not to be a sympathizer, negotiator, or an engager of criticism. When doing the termination you should avoid major holidays, birthdays or peak capacity-times. It should be justified and appropriate. The meeting should be short and sweet.

During the termination you should be prepare for the following questions that the employee you terminate will ask on to you.

-Who made this decision?

Ans. no one knows yet, you’ll communicate this after this meeting

-When am i being let go?

Ans. Letting an employee go is not easy and pleasant.

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Google Map

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Google Maps provide directions, interactive maps and satellite of many countries.

It is a mapping application and technology provided by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps and street view perspectives.

Google Maps package consists of two major components;

Google Map-it’s the map itself, which configured to display any location on earth in a variety of map types.

Google Map Location-location can be created on the map and visitors to the website can be given the option to create their own location through the use of Asset Builders.

Google Maps can provide its variety such as:

multiple map types and map type control

scale control

street view

Google Earth

location markers

configurable location icons

Google map has a locator for urban businesses and organization around the world so you can easily locate other business.

My own Virtual Assistant has a Google  map to help you. Contact us and Have a Good Day.



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Email Screening

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Contact us and We will help you. When there is viral content found in an email that destined to your system, the message is deleted from your delivery queue to prevent reaching it out from your network that’s the purpose of Email Screening.

External using of Email Screening today is too aggressive or not aggressive enough you should always check on the setting.

When the technology is rising the viruses also is multiplying, so that is why there is some company or site that will help and protect you. So worry no more. You can now receive messages without any problem.

My own Virtual Assistant will protect you against email threats. Email Screening is a way of checking out the virus email, spam screening on your messages.


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Contacts Management

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Contacts Management is handling or managing the contacts, events, emails, documents and calls; it is a user-friendly. CRM software is often used that enables the user to easily find the contact information. A software that enabling the users to easily find the contacts information. Contact Manager also  provide an approach to tracking all information and communication such as LinkedIn contacts. These are advantages that contact management will provide:

  • Document Management
  • Ready to Use Database
  • Notes and Conversation Management
  • Sales Tracking
  • Scheduling of Meetings and Appointments
  • Customization fields
Contact Management Pros:
  • Keep Track of all your contacts, accounts and any other details from accessible and shared central database.
  • You will be 100% sure where each contacts fits within their company to make easy messaging and sales coordination.
  • Import data about contacts from other application using Import tab.

Saving valuable time and make the contacts that matter most. We are giving you with our 100% service. Have a relaxing day and Contact Us.



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Article/Press Release

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Press Release conveys information that your organization want to share to the public through media. A press release, news release or media release is a written or recorded communication directed on the members through media.

Article is a piece of writing included in a newspaper, magazine or other publication. Article is specify grammatical definiteness of the noun.

There are two types of article the Definite Article and the Indefinite Article. When you’re doing an article you should think or put an important matter that the reader will feel interested. Writing article should have;

  • The Intro
  • The Topic Sentence
  • Main body
  • Ending


Press Release or Article is always use by the business company today, It will help them promote their business and there product. Article is easily to publish today, you can  promote your services. The reader will get interested while reading, they can get knowledge and learning about your company and business.

My Own Virtual Assistant is publishing an article to promote our services and the company that we have. Visit our site or contact us to know more. Have a nice day.


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Skype Chat/Chat Support

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Skype Chat/Chat support allows you to use instant messaging to contact customer via Internet. It also helps you on communicating your customer and understand what is there comment about your company.

We My Own Virtual Assistant has experience and use the Skype for communicating, Skype chat/Chat support is one of our services. Contact us and let’s discuss your business needs.





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