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How to Keep Your Business Running Smoothly During Pandemic

by Jocelyn Fernandez in News, Tips

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the entire world is experiencing a major health crisis that moves to an economic crisis that is feared by most of us. Many businesses and schools are closing, community lockdowns, and travel bans resulting in an increasing amount of people losing their jobs.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has just been around for a couple of months, yet it appears to have put the world to a halt. With establishments compelled to close or lessen working hours, business people are scrambling for some COVID-19 direction for business operations.

Business owners need to create a preeminent plan for keeping their company afloat and also for keeping the worker’s good health.

Based on the research of Statista, 87% from South Korea agree that business owners have a responsibility to ensure the health of their workers. 

So, business owners in the world must prioritize the health of their workers.




Home-based Working Conditions

As Government officials order community quarantine, you as an employer of the business must do some working conditions, like “Work from home” or a “Home-based work” or there are days the employee will work in the office. In that way, your business will never be shaken though there’s a pandemic, but remember that though it is a “Home-based work” the workers must be honest with their work and time so that the business will continue to stand still.



Seeking  Help From Government Officials

Government officials are helping some establishments to afloat their businesses. They are eager to help the employer just to sustain the needs of each worker. Small or a big help, still they are helping the company’s situation. They are trying their best to help the workers and business to stand still.


Find Reliable VA’s

Find reliable Virtual Assistants to help keep your business afloat, they know a lot of tools and platforms to be used.

TIP: You can find a partner to help your business afloat. Find a company full of reliable VA’s to help your business grow despite this pandemic.


Keep Client Transparency

Let your clients know what are the insurance and safety measures you have to keep them and your services safe. Your office/workplace must have complete requirements like sanitization, or whatever the needs of the customer just for them to feel safe. You can use social media just to post some updates in your company, and make sure that your customer knows the updates of your business.



Planning with Workers

Have a serious plan for your business with your staff. You need to be honest with them, You need to bring out what is the situation of your company and plan with them; ask their suggestions or opinions and listen to them. Because maybe their opinions can help your company afloat.

Searching New Ideas

Don’t stick to your business right now, search for some new ideas to help your business run smoothly despite the pandemic, just consider what current needs you can service. 

Be Ready to Any Business Interruption

Although you have plans in keeping your business afloat, still there is some interruption. Find ways to counteract the interruption of your business. 

MyOwnVA is a great company and has reliable VA’s and Graphic Designers. In times of this pandemic still, we handle day-to-day tasks such as data entry, customer care, order processing, graphic design, and project management so you can focus on the big picture. Our work is all about listening, we value what our clients have to say because it is the starting point for everything that we do. The reason we’ve been so successful in delivering the kind of service that makes our clients happy is because of our ability to perceive the subtle things and comprehend the most complex requirements through thoughtful consultation.

If you are worried where you can find a reliable virtual assistant and able to do all the tasks, you can contact us at

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Increase Your Sales Performance with Amazon Paid Search

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Admin Support, Amazon, Online Marketing, Services, Tips, Virtual Assistant

In the previous two decades, consumer practices and trends have changed the ways in which brands advertise their products and drive sales. Because of smartphones and other mobile devices, most of the consumers have the internet available at all times. This allows them to make thoughtful and informed purchases by having the ability to search for product details and reviews on web-based platforms. This consumer behavior has continued the exponential growth of Google and Amazon’s paid search marketing.

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8 Skills That A Virtual Assistant Possess

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Admin Support, Services, Tips, Virtual Assistant, Website Management

Business often gives you too much work to do, especially if you are the owner of it. There are due dates to follow, data to be recorded, reports to be finished, queries to be answered and meetings to be scheduled and attended.

Doing all of these on your own? That will surely burn yourself out! You might not even be able to do some of it cause you might lack the expertise for that certain task. Even more, you might lose interest in it because of how boring the task is. As awful as it sounds, but you can’t and shouldn’t do everything all by yourself! You will always need someone to help you out, someone who can make the work faster, someone who’s able to give you the time to rest or can keep your mind at ease and lets you focus in the most important task at hand.

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Do I need the document edited or proofread?

by Richard Cantrall in Admin Support, Services, Tips, Typography

I’m often asked to proofread a document only to find after wading through a mishmash of muddled text, that the document clearly needs a major rewrite. At other times, I’m asked to edit a document when it’s clear that only minor grammatical errors need correcting. Proofread or edit – which is called for?

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How to Take a Vacation

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Tips

Has work been getting on your nerves lately? Or maybe THAT client from hell is being particularly difficult. Take a break! YOU are the boss after all! You get to choose your working hours, you get to work anywhere you wish. Life as an entrepreneur should be flexible but sometimes its hard to get away.
A vacation and leisure activities increased the level of happiness and good health. Doctors are now prescribing “a holiday” as an antidepressant and in men who are at the highest risk for heart disease are those who missed vacation for five consecutive years.

It just states the obvious – vacation makes us happy. But how do you take a vacation without having the world come to an end?

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Letting an Employee Go

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Tips

Termination should always the last step in a bigger process.

There is a Termination process that should be follow;

1. own the decision, reference relevant, leadership/HR

What can I do to change this situation?

Ans. the decision is final

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Google Map

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Tips

Google Maps provide directions, interactive maps and satellite of many countries.

It is a mapping application and technology provided by Google, offering satellite imagery, street maps and street view perspectives.

Google Maps package consists of two major components;

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Google Link Penalty

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Tips

How do I know if I have been affected?

Follow this steps to check if you have received a penalty from Google. This means businesses websites will be adversely affected by Google penalty.The penalty can be triggered as a by-product of a manual review by another site or an intentional penalization for various black-hat SEO techniques.

So why did you get penalized by Google?

Google penalizes sites that they feel have unnatural links. Don’t want to do this yourself? We can help.

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