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Increase Your Sales Performance with Amazon Paid Search

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Admin Support, Amazon, Online Marketing, Services, Tips, Virtual Assistant

In the previous two decades, consumer practices and trends have changed the ways in which brands advertise their products and drive sales. Because of smartphones and other mobile devices, most of the consumers have the internet available at all times. This allows them to make thoughtful and informed purchases by having the ability to search for product details and reviews on web-based platforms. This consumer behavior has continued the exponential growth of Google and Amazon’s paid search marketing.

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How to Give Your Remote Team Access to Your Amazon Seller Central Account

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Amazon, Tips & Tricks, Virtual Assistant

The first step you take as an Amazon seller after hiring a virtual assistant, an agency or a remote partner is to give them access to your Amazon Seller Central Account.

This access is necessary for your partner to conduct operations on your seller central account. It enables them to gather reports, data or campaign management activities like creating new listings, promotions, campaigns, adding keywords, and uploading products.

There are two ways to provide access: Email access and API/oAuth access.


Giving Access Through Email

This allows access to Seller Central so the user can request permissions for specific activities like Inventory, Pricing, Advertising, and Orders. It is necessary to send an invite to the partner’s email address to provide them access through email. When the partner accepts the invitation, you should give them the right permissions, depending on what you would need them to do.

When the access is available the partners can sign in to Seller Central accounts to oversee and manage it.



Giving access through API/oAuth

Your partner will furnish you with a URL which can be utilized to give OAuth access. This will enable the tool to automatically get to Seller Central to play out all tasks.




When you give access, ensure that you login using the Amazon account which has access to Seller Central. This is an extremely secure and safe method for providing access to tools since this verification utilizes OAuth and Amazon Login service.




The greater part of the tools that help Amazon Seller Central require Amazon Advertising API and MWS API access.




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Amazon/Ebay store

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Admin Support

eBay serves two main purposes. The first is to effectively expose your item to millions of people on the web. eBay is the first place many people go to look for items, both new and used, so placing your item here gives your site and company tremendous exposure at a very low cost.

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