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If you log-in to Amazon Marketing Services, you will often see notification banner messages at the top of your screen. مواقع كازينو These notifications show how Amazon delivers a report regarding key information in which they want their client to see right away, for example running out of budget. كيفية لعب لعبة بينجو

View Notifications Tab

By clicking the “View Notifications”, these will show you all the campaigns that are running out of budget. It is also an excellent way Amazon informs users and suggest options for them to take immediate action. لعبة جاك  

Budget Recommendations


If you wish to adjust your campaign’s budget, simply click the “edit in campaign settings”, you will be directed to the campaign and you’ll be able to apply the relevant adjustments. Once adjustments are applied, click “Apply” and you’re set!



By giving attention to these notifications, you’ll be able to take action appropriately, it is also a perfect way to stay on top and never run out of budget. 

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