CASE STUDY: e-Commerce Web Content and Maintenance Support

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We started working with The Lighting Outlet in May 2016. The Lighting Outlet is one of the largest commercial and residential wholesale lighting distributors in Australia with more than 4,000 eBay customers and over 5,000 from their online store. The Lighting Outlet relies on MyOwnVA to provide e-Commerce web content support and images for its website and for the eBay store. We source and upload images and price changes, optimize the content, handle order processing, and provide product descriptions for all lighting products. We’ve become a fundamental part of The Lighting Outlet’s business from the very first day we started helping the company.

This case study will scrutinize how MyOwnVA grew and developed through its work with our client, The Lighting Outlet.


The following are the most common challenges our team experienced in developing content, in uploading product images and optimizing the website:

  • Inadequate and insufficient material provided posed a major challenge to our team initially in developing The Lighting Outlet’s web store.
  • The website includes hundreds of products with little to no background information on them.


The Lighting Outlet commissioned MyOwnVA to upload product images, write and update product descriptions, and assist with pricing. This process consisted of creating a master sheet in Google Docs and a list of all of the products in Excel. Using these assets, WordPress and eBay Listers prepared the details for each product, found the correct images for the product from the supplier’s site, added watermarks, optimized the images, marked up the pricing for all products, added the correct tags, keywords, and categories and wrote the descriptions.


  • Dedicated professional IT Graduate Virtual Assistants, experienced graphic designers, SEO, and product writers are assigned to the project. Before working on the tasks, we hold a kick-off meeting to make sure everyone on the team knows the goals of the client. We make sure we have all resources available to complete each task. موقع 365
  • Appropriate delegation for handling web site development and optimization. Our web developers were assigned to take charge of the site’s development and plug-ins. The creative department was tasked with developing newsletter designs, Adwords graphics, flyer designs, and product brochures. The department also took on the job of assessing the files provided by the client and seeing that they are displayed properly on the website. They also took on the responsibility of overseeing printing.
  • Facilitated a smooth flow of customer conversation through the proper use of communication tools, including Skype for the client and Slack for the team.
  • Customer Satisfaction increased because MyOwnVA uploaded very detailed, optimized images and content with correct information over 600-800 products combined (online store and eBay) daily.


A significant increase in revenues of $20,000 per day sales for our client and hundreds of orders from new customers and reorders from repeat customers since MyOwnVA began handling the website product uploading and the eBay site product listing.


MyOwnVA received great feedback from the Founder of The Lighting Outlet.

Jocelyn’s team are doing a fabulous job! I am so happy with how they have handled my business. They took initiative and did the research on my products making it easier to leverage my sales. They work fast and are very accurate. I am fortunate to have them as a part of my team.” 

– Mitchell Elworthy, President – The Lighting Outlet


With MyOwnVA, The Lighting Outlet has:

  • Increased daily sales.
  • Improved customer satisfaction by providing more accurate and detailed information about products.
  • The Lighting Outlet and MyOwnVA web content development and e-Commerce Admin Support. لعبة تربح منها المال
  • MyOwnVA takes responsibility for maintaining the online shop and keeping it fully loaded with products.

E-commerce Support and Uploading/Listing Products steps:

  1. Receive or source items to be listed from the client via email or Skype.
  2. Check and re-check the list of the items received to make sure they include the supplier’s site.
  3. Preparing the production team entry sheet.
  4. Optimizing and adding watermarks to the images.
  5. Finalizing the content.
  6. Entering products on WordPress and eBay. 888 كازينو
  7. Performing Quality Control.

A big thanks to Mitch, Rod and the rest of the TLO team for keeping this client happy and satisfied with his business desired.


For MyOwnVA, the next step will be further leveraging the e-Commerce support, product listing, graphic design, and optimization process. The company’s next goal is to land new clients in the e-Commerce industry such as Amazon, Shopify, WordPress Logos and other trustworthy online sales and marketing websites that promote products and to contribute further to the success of other international companies that need help uploading their works, products, and graphics online, and in providing content and optimization for their websites.


Our e-Commerce support team, design, and writing team have grown quickly and can complete entry of more than 50 products per hour in WordPress and on eBay listings. We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest and most accurate online store product listers and having one of the best graphic design and content writing teams in the Philippines.

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