How to Correct your Co-workers When They’re Wrong?

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Admin Support, Human Resource

Correction does much, but encouragement does more.”   In an office, there are a lot of reasons why the correction is necessary. Publishing sloppy articles, messing up a project, or not paying attention should always be identified and corrected. Correcting these mistakes early on is important, you don’t want it to become a bigger problem later. If you are the manager, it will be easy to put aside one team member and talk to them. But how do you deal with a colleague or your own supervisor if they make a mistake? Here are the 8 guidelines in correcting them nicely.

Consider the situation and your motives

Why do you want to correct your team member? Is it because you don’t want to improve the project or because you want to be a know-it-all? Getting the person’s interest before you start correcting them will help you to avoid misunderstanding between you and your colleague.

Consider whether the correction is necessary

 Being concerned with your team is very important but have you think of a situation in which you have to decide if is it necessary to correct you, workmate, even if it is just a minor mistake? Yes! We want the best results possible, but we must tell them frankly but in a polite way.

Never correct someone publicly

If you want to gain respect, you must earn it. Correcting someone publicly is a no-no. Try not to use “you” when correcting; blaming the error on technology or other inanimate objects is always received better.


Until you proved that your version of the event is true, you aren’t correcting someone you’re just disagreeing with them. Prepare facts before you start.


Finally, you have to understand that not all people will accept your correction. They may feel that their way of doing things is better. If that’s the case, it’s best not to push it and let them find out in their own time. Nobody is perfect, everybody learns from each other. Always remember that correction of mistake is the first step of success.

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