How to Take a Vacation

by Jocelyn Fernandez in Tips

Has work been getting on your nerves lately? Or maybe THAT client from hell is being particularly difficult. Take a break! YOU are the boss after all! You get to choose your working hours, you get to work anywhere you wish. Life as an entrepreneur should be flexible but sometimes it’s hard to get away.
Vacation and leisure activities increased the level of happiness and good health. Doctors are now prescribing “a holiday” as an antidepressant and in men who are at the highest risk for heart disease are those who missed vacation for five consecutive years.

It just states the obvious – vacation makes us happy. But how do you take a vacation without having the world come to an end?

Notify those who matter in advance

You can’t just disappear and hope no one will come looking for you. Let them know in advance.  You should write an email a few days in advance (the longer the vacation, the sooner you should notify people). قوانين البوكر Inform those clients who are used to your daily availability and tell them you will be on a vacation and will be unavailable between dates X and Y. اربح المال من الانترنت Most of your clients will understand and will remember not to bother you. They’re also humans, they also like to take time off occasionally.

But there are always customers who will call and text you regardless, but since you already informed them, you can just ignore their calls or send them a polite text message saying “As I mentioned previously, I am out of the office today. I will call back tomorrow”

Pre-finished tasks

If you have tasks due that day or the day before it, that means you have to complete it before you take your time off. Most of the time customers like to come after you especially when they think the job is almost over and it may end up ruining your vacation. If you perform daily tasks for a customer like graphics for a Facebook page or a design for their blog, you should prepare things in advance.

Find yourself a responsible backup

 If you have someone whom you can trust, include their contact info to your customer in your notification. They will appreciate and think you are a professional for not leaving them high and dry. In a majority of cases, they won’t really call your backup instead they will wait for you to come back and allow you to take care of things for them. قوانين البوكر بالصور But in a few cases, when someone really needs it NOW, they will get an answer and you won’t lose a client.  Make sure your contact has access to any files they will need.

No guilty feelings

When you were an employee, you would get 15 days off a year and you looked forward to it. So don’t feel guilty for doing a little less work. It’s pretty tough to take a vacation when you feel guilty about it. Take some time off. Tomorrow. Or next week. You deserve it!

                              Give everyday the chance to become the most beautiful of your life.    



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