Letting an Employee Go

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Termination should always the last step in a bigger process.

There is a Termination process that should be followed;

1. own the decision, reference relevant, leadership/HR

What can I do to change this situation?

Ans. the decision is final

-Who else knows about this?

Ans. So do the right thing and stay calm.

. right now

-What about my uncompleted tasks?

Ans. that’s all been taken care of, the proper people will be notified

You should also be prepared for the questions about benefits.

Moving so fast in terminating someone must look harsh and create fear to others. العاب للربح الحقيقي

1. Provide clear work and policies

2.Observe and Document performance

3.Escalate Feedback

4.Create Formal Documentation through HR

5.Consult Legal/HR Representatives

6.Create a termination agreement

7. Consider security concern

8. Prepare yourself mentally

9.Terminate an employee

When you’re doing the termination it should be taken in a conference room, it should not be taken in an open area or public area. When you’re terminating someone you should not be a sympathizer, negotiator, or an engager of criticism. When doing the termination you should avoid major holidays, birthdays, or peak capacity-times. It should be justified and appropriate. The meeting should be short and sweet.

During the termination, you should be prepared for the following questions that the employee you terminate will ask on to you.

-Who made this decision?

Ans. no one knows yet, you’ll communicate this after this meeting

-When am I being let go?

Ans. Letting an employee go is not easy and pleasant. كيفية لعب القمار

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