A Fruitful Work Experience: Students From Different Schools in Panabo City Participate Internship With MOVA Through SPES

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A Fruitful Work Experience:

Students from Different Schools in Panabo City Participate Internship with MoVA Through SPES Program


My Own VA (MoVA) was invited to take part in Panabo City’s Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES) last April 20, 2018. The interns came from Maryknoll College of Panabo, Northlink Technical College and several public schools in the city. Their schools required them to undergo on the job training so SPES, through PESO Panabo, conducted a screening and interviewed each of them to make sure their skills and interests can suffice the demands of MoVA’s clients. Most of the participants were IT students and have sufficient background in computer work. Though MoVA was more about admin support, management and graphic design, the interns still learned a lot during the two month program. casino888

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A Powerhouse for BPO Companies: Virtual Assistants in the Philippines

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The Philippines is a well-acknowledged country when it comes to the workforce especially in the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. In fact, ESEAN Briefing (2017) indicated that the Philippines beat Mumbai as the “2nd ranking BPO destination”. In addition, Global Innovation Inc. (2017) phrased in one of their articles that “the country (Philippines) remains to be an attractive place for investors to outsource some of their services.” A number of studies have also supported these acknowledgments which leads us to the question “What makes the Philippines a competent country in the BPO industry?”

While one can think of several reasons why the Philippines has become the BPO hub in Asia, studies have pointed out the most common ones. Below are four of the most common reasons. bwin

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CASE STUDY: Personalized Promo Product Sales Sheets

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Our client ProPatch USA, specializes in custom imprinted bicycle accessories such as patch kits and levers, bike bottles and cages, bike locks, bike stickers, cycling jerseys, and other accessories. This case study will show how MyOwnVA increased their sales by creating personalized product sales sheets for their prospects and inactive clients.

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CASE STUDY: e-Commerce Web Content and Maintenance Support

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We started working with The Lighting Outlet in May 2016. The Lighting Outlet is one of the largest commercial and residential wholesale lighting distributors in Australia with more than 4,000 eBay customers and over 5,000 from their online store. The Lighting Outlet relies on MyOwnVA to provide e-Commerce web content support and images for its website and for the eBay store. We source and upload images and price changes, optimize the content, handle order processing, and provide product descriptions for all lighting products. We’ve become a fundamental part of The Lighting Outlet’s business from the very first day we started helping the company.

This case study will scrutinize how MyOwnVA grew and developed through its work with our client, The Lighting Outlet.

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CASE STUDY: Order Processing for Promotional Products

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We started working with MyPaperCups in 2011 when they were just a startup. Now the company is one of the largest custom paper cup distributors in Australia with thousands of customers. These include small customers from independent coffee shops to some of the largest, best-known brands in the world including Coca-Cola, Porsche, Instagram, Samsung, Reebok, and many more. MyPaperCups has come to rely on MyOwnVA to provide customer support for all its day-to-day transactions. We’ve become an integral part of the company’s business, offering support for lead generation, estimating, order processing, graphic design, marketing, social media management, and order tracking.

This case study will examine how MyOwnVA has helped MyPaperCups solve problems, locate new accounts, provide superior service, and ensure the best customer experience.

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Why People Want to Venture into the Virtual Assistant Business

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Imagine this, waking up at 5 AM for work at 7 AM but you have to consider showering, dressing up, making breakfast for your family, make sure your kids are ready to go to school and your husband is prepped for work, then you have to consider the traffic in the metro and quick order of a venti-sized cafe latte for an instant pick-me-up then work 8 hours for the rest day and go home and take care of your family again but you are exhausted already and all you want to do is crash onto your bed but then the reality sinks in that this is your routine, 5 days a week for a month–always working, you have no rest and you feel the overwhelming burnout.

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Hire Your VA Only From the Best Virtual Assistant Companies

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So you are a company executive managing your company mostly alone or with a co-founder. You start off being able to do your tasks well, calling clients, taking care of customer service, and keeping track of bookkeeping by doing just fine. Somehow, along with the way, you find yourself stressed by all the work and find yourself missing out some tasks that were supposed to be done yesterday but you could not do because you were busy for having your hands full.

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Why You Should Hire A Virtual Assistant

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The demand for virtual assistants has never been at its highest demand until now. Companies, brands, and even small businesses have realized the importance of hiring a virtual assistant to increase productivity and ensure the cash flow. However, some are still adamant in hiring their own virtual assistant, especially those who never had such experience in having one under their wing, while some company executives and independent businesses, especially small ones, still have the mentality that they can do everything on their own, that they would still do fine.

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Home-based Virtual Assistant or VA Team: Which Should You Choose?

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So how do you know which VA to hire? All virtual assistants provide technical and administrative support to big and small business owners from a remote location. Some provide this support from a home office and some are part of a team working for a VA company. Which should you hire?

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Do I need the document edited or proofread?

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I’m often asked to proofread a document only to find after wading through a mishmash of muddled text, that the document clearly needs a major rewrite. At other times, I’m asked to edit a document when it’s clear that only minor grammatical errors need correcting. Proofread or edit – which is called for?

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