Important Customer Service Lessons From Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, has been greatly known for his business philosophies. He doesn’t forget the primary stakeholder of every business which is the “Customers”. When putting up a business, we should seek the customer’s satisfaction as this will make them come back to your service and product. Thus, will keep your business on the run. Let’s have a look at what Jeff Bezos shared about Customer Service, which should also be equipped by Virtual Assistants.


Listen and Understand Your Customers

One of Jeff Bezos’ training sessions each year includes a two-day call-center training. This is for managers to have a mindset that Amazon’s philosophy is about listening and understanding the customer. 

Virtual Assistants must know how to communicate well to the clients as this will run things smoothly. Without proper communication and understanding, you will not be able to offer a comprehensive answer and output. It is quite simple to hear the other person. Understanding them is what the challenge is. Thus, these two things: “Listen and Understand”, is a Virtual Assistant must have! 


Taking Care Of The Needs Of The Client 

Serve the needs of the customer. Jeff Bezos believes that his company is not a competitor centered. But rather a customer base. The Kindle tablet was one of the products built by Amazon for years. It’s not an engineers’ preference and personal preferences, but customers’. 

Finding the right hardware to build the project is worth big to finance. Thus, it took years to construct the right hardware

When we say customer service, it is provided by the company to those people who buy or use its products or services. Customer service happens to be a skill that a Virtual Assistant must also have. Virtual assistants must seek for the needs of the client, and provide those to the best of their ability. Meeting the needs of the clients, providing them great customer service experience will make them come again to your service as they have earned trust from service/products.


The Client: The Most Important Person In Your Room

Jeff Bezos believes that companies become resilient when they focus on customer needs. He established the philosophy of a company that gets obsessed with their customers’ needs. Bezos brought an empty chair into meetings and perceived this empty chair as “the most important person in the room” which considers their customer’s chair. An invisible, but the clear presence of the customer always accounted for throughout meetings and decision makings.

This perhaps should always be considered in a team of virtual assistance. One must always consider clients when coming up with decisions that involve services, tasks or projects worked for a certain client. This should be discussed further if this would fit into clients’ needs and wants.


Don’t Settle for 99%

Amazon was able to hit the goal to get packages to 99.9% of his customers before 2011 Christmas. كازينو اونلاين Bezos stated that there is still room for improvement, perhaps they shouldn’t settle unless it’s 100%. The same thing with virtual assistance or any services, one should not settle for any less. Do the best that you can to give that hundred percent service. As nowadays customers seek more satisfactory customer service, thus, always give your best shot in customer service.



Respect Today’s Customer

One of the most important business advice that Bezos has given was today’s customer’s authorities. Nowadays, customers tend to vent their complaints online and others also spend researching reviews and feedback about a certain product, and these things pull-down brands due to missing responses to unhappy customers. One of the most important characteristics of a Virtual Assistant is that you have to be attentive and pay respect to your clients. Whatever the client’s behavior, you must have the patience to deal with it. العاب تربح فلوس حقيقية Clients’ complaints happen in businesses, it is the challenge of how you sort it out. But never get frustrated about it, serve that as your training ground to improve and do better. مواقع الرهان على المباريات So, do some research about the needs and wants of the client and how to handle and respond to complaints so you never fail to deal with them with kindness.

Create a Customer-Centric Company

Bezo’s ability to create a customer-centric company is what makes Amazon keep success. His company keeps data on the success and failures of the customer experience. 

To create a customer-centric company, you must keep track of what your failures and successes are. What instances made your customers unhappy and what are those that made them happy with the services you gave. This will give you tips on how to improve your services. You must quench the interest of the customer. In that way, you are giving the best for the customer and ultimately, what is best for the company. 


Do Not Be Afraid to Apologize

Way back 2009, Amazon had a negative pace regarding the foundations of the online book mogul. “1984” and “Animal Farm” from users’ Kindles copies have been remotely deleted. 

This made an outcry of Internet users to see the dark, “Big Brother” side of Amazon. Bezos’ hardly works for this to clear things off. Amazon made an apology about the inhuman statement from the press team. What made people back to Amazon, was really the heartfelt apology from Jeff Bezos.

Asking forgiveness to the client when you made some mistakes in them is a representation of how you care about your job and how you seek to improve your service. Remember that you are here to serve the needs of the customer. That’s why always humble yourself and do not hesitate to ask for forgiveness when you do something wrong.

The above-mentioned are what it takes to provide a quality customer service and what an indeed virtual assistant must be equipped with. MyOwnVA has reliable VA’s and Graphic Artists that ensure to give high-quality service that surely meets clients’ needs. If you are looking for someone who can help your business grow, then choosing MyOwnVA is a right decision of yours. 

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