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My Own Virtual Assistant offers Transcription at a low-cost.

Edited Transcripts – the transcriber can omit sentences while transcribing without changing the sense of the recording. Transcription converts speech into written electronic text or document. It should not be confused with a translation which means representing the meaning of a source-language text in a target language. It is often used for business, legal or medical purposes. بوكر عربي

Transcription types and formats:

Verbatim Transcripts – a transcriber is tasked to enter every single word or line mumbled words of the speaker. This kind of transcription is usually preferred when transcribing an audio recorded file of a seminar, speeches, conferences, etc.

Intelligent Transcripts – these are transcripts that make pure sense and are smart transcription types as they are accurate transcripts.

Transcription software assists in the conversion of human speech into a text transcript. العاب تربح منها المال

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